Short Overview

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The Property Sourcing Business Blueprint is a course designed for those who wish to build a business sourcing investment properties for armchair investor clients.  The course is designed for those who fall into one of these categories:

  • Experience or training in property investment strategies
  • Experience or training in estate agency, auctions, lettings management, block management
  • Experience or training in related fields such as construction, property refurbishment or other industries that support the residential property sector

Property sourcing is a low-volume, high-value business, potentially earning £2,000+ per individual deal packaged and sourced.  Many of our students build companies that generate annual income in the £10,000s-£100,000s.

This course is CPD recognised, with completion earning you 20.5 hours of CPD-certified learning.

Course curriculum

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    1. Your very first task

    2. Task 1 - Instructions video

    3. Task 1 - Self Assessment: Before we start - consider where you are today...

    1. Getting Started On Knowing Your Area

    2. Task 2 - Background Research

    3. Area Research

    4. Finding & Researching Properties

    5. Learning about your area and how to research is really valuable

    6. Task 2 - Self Assessment: You must become the local guru are you?

    1. Create your own online digital map to take control of your business target area

    2. Your Area

    3. How to create your own online area map

    4. Mapping your area helps you and your clients

    5. Task 3 - Self Assessment: Think about how this tool could help your business

    1. Topic 1 Introduction - It's all about Property & Deals

    2. Module 2 - Deals

    3. Module 2 - Downloads

    4. How to Video - Using the Deal Pricing Calculator Sheet

    5. Places to find properties, think outside the box

    6. Module 3 - Downloads

    7. Module 3 - Deal Funnel

    8. Filling your funnel with marketing skills

    9. Module 4 - Marketing Strategies

    10. Module 4 - Downloads

    11. Sue talks about how creative marketing found her first deal

    12. Module 5 - Agent Communication Strategies

    13. Module 5 - Downloads

    14. Module 6 - Track & Test

    15. Module 6 - Downloads

    16. Module 7 - Social Housing Contracts

    17. Module 7 - Downloads

    18. Topic 1 - Self Assessment

About this course

  • £3,000.00
  • 141 lessons
  • Over 25 hours of video learning
  • 20.5 hours of CPD recognition

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