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    3. Before we begin...

    1. Why have a property sourcing business?

    2. Some quick questions ~ At the end of each video section you will come across this section. We have put them in as a summary of the video to make sure you have caught all the relevant points.

    3. What a sourcing agent sells to make money

    4. Some quick questions

    5. Course Documents

    6. How Sourcing Agents find deals

    7. More quick questions

    8. Sourcing Deal Document

    9. Being Legal and Compliant as a Sourcing Agent

    10. Lets see how you got on here

    11. Compliance Documents

    12. How to build your client list

    13. Some further questions

    14. Client Documents

    1. Congrats you've learned the basics! Now let's bring it all together

    2. A couple more questions

    3. More resources to help build your business

    4. Before you go...

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